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High Level Window, Building Cleaning & Property Maintenance


Think of a high risk zone, and it doesn’t have to transport you to a dubious unstable part of the world, on the contrary, it could be in your local high street!

The modern high rise designs show a large increase in glazing and cladding, as new building materials allow for ever more intricate and dynamic designs.

What we’re looking at here is commercial window and building cleaning by rope access.

The trend for higher and higher buildings goes on, particularly in the business sector, where sparkling cleanliness is a necessary part of corporate image, but the external cleaning challenge can look awesome.

The window cleaner with ladder and a bucket is someone as far removed from this concept as kite-flyer to airline pilot.

These cleaners will use either cradle or rope access window cleaning systems, either of which require professionalism of high and stringent standards.

Safety is of course, paramount, however, there is little point in an operative being trained to edge down a building on a rope, if he doesn’t have the training to be able to clean what is in front of him.

Heights, accessibility, equipment requirements and other factors will categorise the risk level of each project, and to an extent determine the choice between cradle or rope access, but it is generally accepted that the rope access system allows for greater flexibility, giving access to windows that would otherwise be impossible.

It is also more cost effective than the cradle and probably produces a better clean, by bringing the operative nearer the window.

Of course, when all factors are computed, there is always the weather to contend with.

High level property maintenance cleaning is not allowed  when wind speeds exceed 20mph, but cleaning 40 floors up, in 16 miles per hour wind requires strength in both body and mind, and rope access is statistically the safest form of access in high level requirements.

For interior windows, the use of good quality blinds or shutters will enable your window cleaner to access the glass easily, saving time and money.

Shutters offer privacy, control of external light and also fold back, out of the way to permit ease of access.

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