Team Building

Team Building

Motivation amongst employees can receive a boost from suitable and professionally run team building games, exercises and activities.

Developing people involves more than skills, knowledge and processes. It’s more often about improving the person’s self-esteem, and helping them achieve a sense of happiness and fulfilment.

Confidence and trust in colleagues is a vital part of working together, and professional team building can help facilitate these, and making people feel good and be good, will be good for the business.

Recognising what will motivate (or demotivate) colleagues is vital, and using that information, learn how each works best, and how they react to different situations, thus learning how to approach the other to best achieve personal interaction, and work successfully.

Team building has demonstrated very positive team effectiveness and can improve trust and open communication channels within the team that they were previously unaware of.

Games, exercises, puzzles can all be used as ice breakers or as a warm-up for meetings, conferences etc, helping to stimulate the mind and raise enjoyment, which in turn improves the retention of ideas and concepts.

The usual format for team building events will pit teams, not necessarily in competition against each other, but with the challenge being, for individual teams to successfully follow the series of tasks and puzzles needed to proceed to the various stages.

This will help the team communicate better, by understanding each other’s methods of deduction, reasoning and expression.

To use a rather quaint phrase, it helps colleagues “get know each other better,” and perhaps understand more, the way they work.

Businesses and institutions often look to team building to enhance performance, but the types of activity ideally need to be professionally advised.

Energetic challenges and competitive sports will best suit some situations, others may be better suited by something as simple sounding as say, a barbecue.

Professional team building is a great way to establish a new team, or to bring out the strengths and weaknesses of a seasoned team whilst having fun.