How To Rank No.1 In Google

The Google Guidebook To Number One Search Rankings

It has become much more difficult and expensive to rank well in organic search engine listings since the introduction of Googles quality measuring algorithms.

If you have an understanding of exactly what Google requires from a top ranking site you can still rank well in SERPs. Old style SEO (pre 2012) will see you dropped from Googles rankings.

To appear high up you must produce the quality of subject matter & content that Google wants to see.

Low Quality Search Indicators

Back links from bad link neighbourhoods, link networks and link farms (created purely to control Google), inbound link anchor text ratios and keyword density levels are all strong signals of low quality that Google use to remove poor websites.

Using these techniques makes it too simple for Google to apply algorithmic ranking penalties to your web-site.

Trust & Authority

Trust, authority and quality are evaluated before establishing where you will get ranked in search.

Because social sharing is very difficult to fake and control Google trusts social media sharing signs.

Your services or products are assessed via the quality reviews for your Brand on the web. Your organic rankings are more and more being interconnected with the assessed value of your Brand.

The quality, user behaviour and relevance are all crucial for your search engine optimisation strategy. (Not got yourself a proactive SEO strategy in place yet? Get started today, see for details about starting yours). Your web-site used to rely on popularity (hyperlinks) to strengthen your search positions.

Your  rankings in search engines will be destroyed if your web site sends out low quality, spam signals and indicators. Google endeavours to supply the most useful result for every single keyword or phrase.

Displaying a query result that:

  • Loads fast
  • Is completely unique
  • Visitors engage with
  • External links to relevant trusted sites
  • Is hosted on a unique IP
  • Isn’t associated with bad link neighbourhoods
  • Has a natural, link profile from trusted, related, themed resources
  • Conveys Brand quality

Avoiding search engine spam filters are just as crucial as complying with the list above, but if you do all of these factors you will rank well. If you are not sure how healthy your website is and whether you need to address any issues, talk to and learn what you need to do to rank at the top of SERPs.

High speed hosting is vital to driving online traffic, serving high availability pages and web content and staying connected to your potential customers.

With the rapid growth in data optics and fibre optic technologies, the related increases in upload and download speeds the online world is changing quickly.

Search engines prefer to see quality indicators and rewards those sites that produce quality with large numbers of targeted visitors, so if you provide those signals, you will rank well.